As the COVID-19 pandemic expanded, the Dutch government instituted multiple economic policies to support the nation’s businesses, including leveraging existing programs already on the books.

To provide aid for businesses and households in the Netherlands, the following initiatives have been deployed by the government thus far:

Support for retained workers salaries for 3 months up to maximum 90% of the total wages for companies expecting a loss of revenue of minimum 20%;

Surety by the government of 75% of loans of SMEs at 90% with a maximum of €1.5 million and 2 years;

Government guarantee of 50% of bank loans and guarantees as from €1.5 million – €150 million (Companies must have substantial business activities in the Netherlands);

For self employed, a one-time gift of €4,000 and per month max €1,500 (social minimum) for 3 months;